Welcome to Midas Reference, a different kind of cable manufacturer.


The best cable is no cable !

Midas Reference cables enhance component sound signature, and it alone.

Our cables are unique in this respect, as they deliver ultra transparent sound picture.

Every cable is hand made in Norway, with the finest components suitable for high class audio,

they are not the best match for mediocre sound systems.


Resistance, capacitance and inductance are some of the natural laws of physics used to explain what happens to the music signal in one cable.

Skin effect, eddy currents and proximity effects are some of the other keys, which are often ignored.

The undersigned has been more in depth, and is very concerned about the conditions of the magnetic field around the strands.

How magnetic fields affect each other, at different frequency rates.

How important the quality of the joints between cable and plug are.

What happens when electrons jump from one strand to another.

How the material in a plug can create resonances that can cause a lot of distortion, and kill dynamics !.

In other words, we have put many resources into, research, work, and high performance materials in these cables.


The results are cables with higher bandwidth, and razor sharp focus.


Do you fancy a new experience of pleasant sound, that gives you "Goosebumps" ?



Emo Biw.
Emo 1,5m
Emo Jumpers

Flavia interconnect is almost magic The latest innovation from Midas Reference are way above the other competitors

They are available with all types of plugs

Silje speaker cables are the best you can do to help your speakers, if you want absolute focus without filtering or sonic degradation.

Emo signal cables are unpretentious but elegant.

Do not be fooled by the modest exterior. The cable is a world class music promoter.


Emo jumpers are the missing link.

Try these and you will be shocked at how much the sound quality inproves.