The Emo interconnect is the precursor to Silje cable.


Uncompromising Signal Cable purchased by audiophiles, who have tested mostly in the highest price range.

This is a true high frequency cable, created specifically to avoid phase shifts and to have equal resistance throughout the bandwidth (0-100 000Hz).


If you try this in a good sound system, you will fell in love with the sound image that reveals itself.

Unbalanced Emo interconnects, are supplied with WBT RCA plugs in pure silver (99.99%)!!

Adds a link to a forum where audiophiles have spoken about the cable(Norwegian):


They have tested the signal cable in company with Midas Reference: Emo speaker cable

The cables have large enough cross section to drive low-impedance amplifiers perfectly, even with long cables runs. Also fits incredibly well with passive volume controls!!


Stock items in lengths of 1 and 1.5 m.