All cables are filters!


It applies to be able to dimension the bandwidth properly.

Typically the laws of nature begins to slow the signal at 10kHz and above.

Those cable manufacturers who are successful with high frequencies, are struggling with the low frequencies.

Midas Reference have cracked the code, and have bandwidth from 0 to 100kHz.


Connections between cable and plugs, are a particularly critical point!

Screw fastening or crimped connections should be protected against corrosion, because corroded copper insulate.

Soldered connections are often poor, because tin is a poor conductor.

Midas Reference use a superb soldering material, and have a technique that ensures a galvanic connection between cable and plug.


Correct plugs have very high priority at Midas Reference.

Most plugs are made of brass, because mass production work best with materials that are easy to machine.

Brass provide an uplift of the area over 10kHz, that often becomes weakened in poorly constructed cables.

Unfortunately the distortion that brass provide, are raising the level further down in frequency as well.

the sound becomes unnatural in the upper mid-range, and voices becomes brighter than they should be, and it becomes more difficult to distinguish between them.


Midas Reference are producing Hi-Fi cables for audiophiles, that want uncompromising sound quality.


Customers tell us that the new Midas Reference cables tidy up the sound field,

and promote timing, dynamics, and the musical magic.