Silje is the former top interconnects, of Midas Reference.


It is an evolution of Emo cable which has all the advantages, while ensuring even sharper focus and transparency.

Both Silje and Emo cables, works perfectly well as digital cables.

To top the characteristics of the Emo cables, has not been easy. It is difficult to get better performance in upper treble range without losing the dynamics in the lower frequency's.


We have yet to hear any signal cables who does not have to compromise on that. It is quite common that cables start to decrease the signal at 10 000Hz.

They then complement the cable with plugs of an alloy that distort from midrange and upwards, thus creating the illusion of better highs. Voices become brighter, sounds more alike and are quite diffuse. The music loses dynamic, and become quite boring.


It will be is easy to give a demonstration, of that phenomena.

We can connect plugs with such properties, and play music that reveals that phenomena in a crystal clear way.