Flavia is the best interconnect you will find!


Almost magic is the best word to describe this interconnect.

This revolution of an interconnect, makes the magic of music flow moore freely than ever before!

A must have, for the dedicated music lover.

You won't find a better interconnect!!!!!


Attaches a feedback from the first customer of the Flavia cables:


Hello, I have listened to your cables.

Regarding Flavia it's clear that this is a good veeery good cable.

The relationship with EMO is evident. They are both open, transparent and with lots of details in the sound. But while they are neutral, there is no part of the frequency range that come to strong forward.

They have an organic whole in the sound which is very trustworthy.

They are "musical", without listening fatigue or that one gets "gall" in the ears.

But Flavia has something more.

Flavia goes earthquake deep and is more nuanced in the bass. They are a bit more transparent.

The perspective and the three dimensionality of soundstage is also a notch better than EMO.

Also my bootlegs, where the recording quality is so assorted, gets a boost.