About the company

Midas Reference A/S was formed in 2008 and is located at Ensjø in Oslo.

The first year was mainly used for development, but also some production of both cables and components for sound systems.

The development started long before Midas Reference was formed.


Midas Reference arose as a result of, the undersigned's enthusiastic pursuit of "quality sound".

The first cables were very expensive to produce. We used strands of pure silver, mixed with 1% gold, complemented with WBT silver plugs.

Now we possess technology that undermine the silver cables, although we use copper strands now.


We are proud that we have convinced a few recording studioes, to invest in quality interconnects from Midas Reference.





Regards General Manager:


Frank Solheim

Midas Reference A/S

Ensjøveien 27 B

0661 OSLO

Phone: 92010463

Org.nr.: 992816414MVA

E-mail: post@midasreference.com